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The Birthing Room

The Birthing Room is designed to enhance privacy and family involvement during the childbirth experience. The expectant mother stays in one room throughout labor, deliver and recovery. At just the right time, the birthing room is quickly transformed into a fully equipped delivery room, and the birthing bed is adjusted to help make delivery as comfortable as possible.

A family waiting area is available in the Obstetrical Department for family and friends who do not remain in the birthing room.

Following the delivery, equipment is removed, the bed is repositioned to its original state, and the room returned to a comfortable, familiar setting to recuperate and enjoy the new baby. After families have time to become acquainted with the newest member of the family, mom and baby will move to a post-partum room for the remainder of the stay.

A specially equipped nursery is available so that mothers may rest and leave child care to the Hospital staff.

The Obstetrical Department wants our guests to feel as if they are in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. Each of the birthing rooms and post partum rooms offers a private bathroom including a tub/shower. Each room is colorful, warm and comfortably designed to be a perfect place for a childbirth experience. Our Obstetrical nursing staff prides themselves on the support and care they provide to new mothers and their families.

Education and Special Services

To enhance educational opportunities, a classroom is conveniently located in the Obstetrical Department. Prepared Childbirth Classes are offered through the Obstetrical Department. Childbirth Education Classes are designed to:

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Expecting a new baby fills your days with planning and dreaming and the excitement of imagining...and your heart is touched with such beautiful feelings of love.


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