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Historically, Hospice has meant a place of rest and refreshment for the weary traveler. Today, our Hospice is more than a place, it is a special way of caring for people who are dying. An interdisciplinary program of care is designed for the patient which focuses on comfort, support and dignity during the last phase of life. It includes care and support of the family during the patient's illness and into the time of bereavement.


When is one eligible for Hospice?

Hospice Care can begin when curative treatment is no longer expected to be effective. Hospice neither hastens nor postpones death, but recognizes death as a normal process and seeks to help patients and their families attain a degree of mental and spiritual preparation for death that is satisfactory to them.

A team member is on call 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to answer questions, discuss concerns and visit patients when needed. Bereavement follow-up services are provided to families and friends for up to 13 months following the death of the patient. Families are supported through holidays and anniversaries during the following year.

Franciscan Health Rensselaer Hospice serves residents of Kentland, Morocco, Lake Village, Sumava Resorts, Thayer, Roselawn, Mt Ayr, Goodland, Brook, Remington, Wolcott, Monon, Fransceville, Medaryville, Rensselaer, Wheatfield, Teft, DeMotte, Roselawn.


What services does Hospice provide?

Patient's Personal Physician continues to direct medical care with the help of the team.

Nurses coordinate all care provided to the patient, provides expertise in pain control, symptom management, counseling, teaching and support.

Home Health Aides provide personal care to the patient

Volunteers are good listeners, provide companionship, do shopping and errands and provide relief for the primary caregivers.

Social Worker provides emotional support for patient and family members. Also provides information on community and financial resources that are available.

Dietician consult and advise patient and families regarding adequate nutrition.

Pharmacist advise the team about medication requirements and provide necessary supplies.

Clergy available for spiritual guidance.

Therapists provide occupational, speech and physical therapy as needed.

Hospice Medical Director advises the team and works with the patient's physician.

Admission to Hospice is made without regard to race, age, sex, religion, national origin or handicap.

Hospice services are funded through Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, individual resources and donations. No one is denied care because of inability to pay.

If your family is facing the demanding challenge of giving care to a friend or family member, the following links will contain valuable information for you in dealing with this situation. Click here for the Family Caregiver's Help Center.

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Franciscan Health Rensselaer Home Health Care and Hospice is a certified provider of the Hospice Medicare Benefit and is licensed and certified by the Indiana State Department of Health. Memberships are held in the Indiana Association of Hospices, the Indiana Association of Home and Hospice Care and the National Hospice Organization.



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