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September 30, 2011

Hospital Recognizes Employees for Years of ServiceFlorence Burnside, Tim Shreeg, Judith Lindahl

Jasper County Hospital (JCH) recognized 69 employees with service awards during a banquet held September 1st at Curtis Creek Country Club. Each year the Hospital honors those who have achieved 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30+ years of full and part time service with a meal and a specifically designed pin. This year, four individuals were presented with a specially inscribed watch for their 30 years of service, while two were given a plaque with a clock for their 35 years of service, and two were given a plaque with a clock for their 40 years of service.

Tim Schreeg, Jasper County Hospital President and Mike Bayci, Vice-President of Support Services, presented each employee with their pin or gift. Schreeg commented, "It is incredibly satisfying to see so many employees who have worked at Jasper County Hospital for so many years. Eleven of the employees being honored have been at the Hospital for 25 or more years."

The following employees were honored for 30, 35 or 40 years of service:

Deb Botts began work at the Hospital as a Dietary Aide on March 11, 1980. Deb became a relief cook later that year, and continued as an aide as well. In 1987, she became a full time cook. In 1988, Deb became charge cook.

Becky Primeau was hired as a float aide at the Hospital on May 29, 1980. Becky worked as an RN in ICCU in the early 80's and became House Supervisor of ICCU/Oncology in 1991. Becky worked full-time in the Oncology department from 1993 until her retirement earlier this year.

Cheryl Querry was hired as a part-time LPN at the Hospital on December 18, 1980. Cheryl earned her RN in 1990. She began working in the Emergency Department in 1998. Cheryl has served as both Assistant Director of Ambulatory Services and Director of the Emergency Department. Currently Cheryl serves as the Bio-terrorism Coordinator and the Director of S.A.F.E.R.

Tim Schreeg began his career at the Hospital on June 30, 1980 when he was hired as the Personnel Director. In 1985, Tim became the Executive Director. He currently serves as the President/CEO.

Sue Kaye was hired on April 14, 1975, as a full-time LPN for the Medical/Surgical Unit. Sue has also worked in ICCU. She became an RN in 1986 and currently works in the Outpatient Department.

Sharon Lewis began employment at Jasper County Hospital on October 14, 1975. Sharon held several different positions in the Business Office during her first 25 years with the Hospital. Sharon has spent the last 10 years working in Home Health Care and Hospice.

Florence Burnside was hired as a part-time student nurse in Obstetrics on March 19, 1966. She became a Graduate Nurse in 1971, and began full-time work in 1975. Florence became Head Nurse in 1981. She received her Registered Nurse Certification in 1993.

Judith Lindahl was hired as a part-time nurse's aide in Obstetrics on April 6, 1970. Judy began working full-time in 1973.

Employees recognized for 5 or more years of service and their departments are as follows: For five years part time service: Tracy Cochran, Community Relations; Robert Cree, Emergency; Kathy Sullivan, Home Health/Hospice; and, Vohney Witt, Home Health/Hospice.

For five years full time service: Amanda Baitz, Rehabilitation; Jeffrey Bracht, Laboratory; Eva Carey, Health Information Services; Debra Crume-Nagel, PCC; Elizabeth Hammond, RRI; Stacy Hansen, Respiratory Therapy; Jennifer Harwood, Community Wide Scheduling; Carole Hunt, Environmental Services; Margaret Jarrette, Emergency; Stefanie Lane, Patient Accounts; Patricia Mitchell, Home Health/Hospice; Karen Morris, Environmental Services; Angela Myers, Rehabilitation; Patricia Nuss, Purchasing; Kathy Rodriguez, Community Wide Scheduling; Kathryn Sinn, Radiology; Jared Sterrett, Respiratory Therapy; Gayla Warran, Medical/Surgical; Donna Wright, Medical/Surgical; Lana Wynn, Emergency; and, Elissa Zimnawoda-Daugherty, Radiology.

For ten years part time service: Latishia Krintz, Obstetrics; Heidi Leeper, Infection Control; Natalie Myers, Rehabilitation; and, Rebecca Singel, KV Health Centre.

For ten years full time service: Brenda Andree, Radiology; Lydia Armold, Patient Accounts; Diette Bakker, KV Health Centre; Ellen Faker, Utilization Management; Jared Hall, Rehabilitation; Erin Hardebeck, Rehabilitation; Sandra Kulik, Recovery; Marilyn Maxwell, Patient Accounts; Tammy McNelly, Dietary; Jeff Sampson, KV Health Centre; Cesilia Snyder, RRI; Erica Strutz, Patient Accounts; and, Cynthia Willey, Medical/Surgical.

For fifteen years of part time service: Jill Andres, Utilization Management.

For fifteen years full time service: Linda Bradbury, Pharmacy; Sophie Duley, Health Information Services; Jennifer Haskins, Obstetrics; Lisa Jackson, Rehabilitation; Chris Mahnesmith, Rehabilitation; Ann Messman, Rehabilitation; Robin Palermo, Home Health/Hospice; Dorothy Rahmoeller, Home Health/Hospice; and, Aine Schultz, Medical/Surgical.

For twenty years part time service: Deb Walker, Oncology.

For twenty years full time service: Billie Hofferth, Dietary; Judy Kaufman, Medical/Surgical; Claudia Moore, Medical/Surgical; Sonia Oezer, Utilization Management; and, Patricia Spurr, Medical/Surgical.






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