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July 25, 2012

Radiology Department Reaches "A" RatingCindy Reed

A quality program used by nationally known insurance company Anthem recently awarded the Radiology Department of Jasper County Hospital an "A" rating. According to Cindy Reed, RT(R)(M), Director of Radiology at Jasper County Hospital, "Various websites and services exist which rank the quality of a facility's clinical services. Much data is needed for those rankings to be accurate." Reed provided updated data to Anthem Optinet to secure the "A" rating.

The Optinet program is administered by American Imaging Management (AIM). This company collects and compiles radiology information on hospitals across Indiana. Jasper County Hospital provided facts to AIM such as: the number of patients seen in the department, what types of procedures were performed, equipment age and average time to schedule an appointment. "Additionally," stated Reed, "AIM was provided with information pertaining to the experience, licensure and certifications of all technologists in the department."

Optinet also collected information on radiologist Steven Hossler, M.D. to include his specialty and sub-specialties, as well as his American Board of Radiology certification.

The Jasper County Hospital Radiology Department is fully equipped to perform x-rays, digital mammography, CT scans, ultrasound, nuclear medicine and MRI. For more information, call (219) 866-5141, extension 2051.






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