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July 3, 2012

Hospital Announces Telehealth Opportunity

Jasper County Hospital is pleased to announce it has partnered with St. Vincent Health System to provide telehealth monitoring for recently discharged patients or individuals currently being cared for by the Hospital's Home Health Care department.

Telehealth provides daily monitoring of weight, vital signs, blood sugars, peak flow and oxygen saturation. After a physician referral for this service is made, a St. Vincent employee will install the telehealth system and instruct the patient on its use. A member of the St. Vincent's staff will make a video connection with the patient at least once each week. Physicians may set parameters to decide under which circumstances they would like to be notified about their patient.

This program is free to patients, and is provided by a grant through St. Vincent's Hospital, and expires December 31, 2012. The goal of the program is to reduce rehospitalizations.

For more information about the telehealth opportunity, please contact Jasper County Hospital Home Health Care and Hospice at (219) 866-5141, extension 2162.






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